Welcome to your Home Refinance Questionnaire

1. If you were to sell your home today, how much do you reasonably expect it would sell for?

2. On what do you base that estimated value?

3. a) What is your current first mortgage balance?

3. b) How much did you originally borrow?

4. a) In what month & year did you buy this house?

4. b) For how much?

5. If different than when purchased, in what month & year did you begin your current mortgage?

6. Is your current primary mortgage a fixed or variable (adjustable) rate?

7. For variable/adjustable rate loans, when, and for how much, is the next adjustment?

8. a) What is the current interest rate?

8. b) What is the current total monthly payment amount?

9. What are the current monthly costs for: a) Taxes? b) H.O. Insurance? c) MI/PMI?

10. a) Escrowed?

10. b) HOA? If yes, amount?

10. c) Loan’s original term?

11. Your current loan is a:

12. a) Do you currently have any second/subordinate mortgages (such as a HELOC or DAP loan) tied to your home?

12. b) If you answered yes above, what is the current balance and rate %? Was this opened same time as purchase?

13. What should your mortgage lender expect to find when they pull your credit?

14. Do you currently have any plans to sell this home? If so, comment when.

15. Has your house recently been listed for sale on the market? If yes, comment when.

16. Rank your refinance achievement goals in order beginning with #1 as your highest priority, then with #2 as your next highest priority, then with #3 and so on.

A. Lower Interest Rate
B. Shorten Remaining Loan Term to XX years
C. Lower Total Monthly Payment
D. To Add or Remove Someone to/from Current Mortgage 
E. Remove Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
F. Take Cash Out

17. What is an acceptable time frame for you to recover the cost to refinance?

18. With regard to closing costs & prepaids, which would you prefer?