Welcome to your Home Purchase Questionnaire

1. Do you currently, or have you ever owned a home?

2. Provide a list of the primary reasons owning your own home is important to you:

3. What’s your current goal or ideal time frame for when you’d like to buy?

4. If any, what fears, concerns, or worries do you have about buying a home or getting a mortgage?

5. How long do you expect to own, or live in, this first or next home you buy?

6. Based on your current income and monthly budget (assuming taxes, insurance, and PMI if applicable are included), what would be your ideal total monthly housing payment each month?

7. Same question again but instead what would be the most per month you’d be comfortable with?

8. As a dollar figure, how much of a total contribution, from your own funds, do you reasonably expect that you will have available to use toward your purchase by the time you hope or plan to be ready to buy?

9. What is the source of these funds? (i.e. Net Proceeds from Sale, Personal Savings, 401k/IRA, etc.)?

10A. Is it a possibility that you may be able to get a gift from a family member to help with this purchase?

10B. If yes, from which relative and how much is reasonable to expect?

Write Donor Relative and Amount. Ex: Maternal Aunt, $10,000

11. What should your mortgage lender expect to find when they pull your credit?

12. On what do you base your support for this credit expectation?

13. Do you have any Realtor(s) in mind who you are considering to assist with this purchase?

If yes, please add their name below. If no, put NO.

14. With regard to an expected/hopeful purchase price range, what are your minimum and maximum ideal targets?

Example- $275,000 to $320,000

15. In which state(s) are you considering to purchase your home?

16. Is any mortgage applicant a Veteran?

16B. If you answered yes above, is the applicant eligible for a VA home loan?